Why should I give a meal?

In our Forbes store we always know when someone has experienced a loss or is going through a tough time, because our customers buy them meals as a gift.  

It’s the ‘country way’ of saying they care and looking after each other in times of stress and grief.

When the flash flooding devastated Eugowra, and then flowed through to Forbes, we had many family & friends in far-away places wanting to know what they can do to help.  

So this is our idea - buy a meal through our store, we will make it and distribute it to people who need it.  To show them that we all care and to try to make things a tiny bit better for them.

Your purchase will also help us get our shop back up and running. It will help us get our staff back to work and keep us purchasing our ingredients from local producers and suppliers.  It will be a tiny step towards getting our local economy back up and running.

We make all of our meals from scratch at our Forbes store.  So the meal you give is the closest thing to a home-made meal - but you can send it from anywhere around the country.

We encourage you to add a message of support to your order and we will distribute these to our customers along with the meals.

With all our thanks,

Brendan and Leanne x