How it Works


Simply add a meal to your shopping cart and check-out through our online store.

We will prepare the meals at our store in Forbes and then distribute them to Flood Affected people in our area.

You will receive a notification once your meal has been distributed.

It may take some weeks for us to distribute all of the meals as many of our customers are still isolated on their properties or unable to come into our store due to road closures.  We don’t want them to miss out!  

We also know that the clean-up and recovery from these flood events will not be quick and it’s important that we continue to support flood affected people in our community after the initial wave of support.


We are a small family-run store and make all of our meals from scratch.  You can see examples of the kinds of meals we make on our Instagram & Facebook pages. 

The Flood Affected person will be able to choose their own meal from our available range that day.



If you have been affected by the flooding in our region you are able to receive a meal.

We understand that there are many different ways that people have been affected.  You may have had your home and / or business completely flooded, you may have been isolated, you may have lost income, you may have spent hours helping others clean their homes or workplaces, the list goes on.

FORBES AREA - simply pop into the shop and choose your items. We will mark the meal off our list of gifted meals and you can be on your way.

EUGOWRA AREA - we will deliver to Eugowra town addresses in the afternoons before dinner time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

Please check our instagram or facebook pages where we will list the meals available for that day and then message us to order.